KALEIDOSCOPES speak a universal language, understood by people young and old, of any culture -- like visual music.  Escaping into the colorful, ever-changing art appearing inside a kaleidoscope can be both calming and energizing, joyful... healing.

Welcome to the home of A.W. Scopes, kaleidoscopes by Arny Weinstein. Contemporary and sculptural, the scopes you will find here are meticulously handcrafted from a variety of hardwoods.  Front surface mirrors are used with magnifying lenses to produce clear and captivating views of flame-worked glass forming meditative mandalas and exotic 3-dimensional images.  All interior views exhibited here are photographs capturing a moment inside a kaleidoscope.

                   Inside views a   Inside views b   Inside views c

Select the design that is just right for you or someone special, and experience endless hours of the magical scenes created by these unique kaleidoscopes.